Sunday, August 5, 2012

Marvel Rebooted

This is not a review.

Just putting that out there at the very beginning. I have been slacking in the way of reviews lately. For that, I'm sorry guys. But that does not mean that I have been slacking in the writing department completely. In fact, I've been doing quite a bit of it.

You see, I have been involved with something pretty cool. One of my best friends, Randy Lander (who you all might know) asked me to pitch in to help Reboot the Marvel Universe. A strange request? Yes, but a fun one. 

This is not a crazy thing, as in 1997, Van Plexico created MV-1, a expansive and continuation of the Marvel Universe taking place after the Heroes Reborn storyline. Randy wrote quite a few of the stories in the Universe and it sounded fun.

I wanted in.

And I got to write a new S.H.I.E.L.D. book called Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

It's a little strange to be on the other side of the street, so to speak, but I'll tell you, we're working with an enormous group of talented writers and it's a blast. Things are different here. It's a complete reboot, so some characters won't act like what you're used to and some origins will be completely different. But that's the fun thing about something like this. The Unknown and the ability to see things that you're familiar with through a new light.

The site just launched tonight, with the first issue of my story launching the Universe. 

So yes, please check out Marvel Rebooted, and take a gander at what Randy Lander has put together.

We're hoping it's fun for everyone!

-Nick Budd

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