Monday, May 9, 2011

About Top 5 Comics

Top 5 Comics is a comic book review site established in 2011 from Austin, Texas.  The goal is to provide quality reviews without taking things too seriously.  The medium of comics is something that we love and one of the major goals is that we want to share our love of comics with others.

Why Top 5?  It sounded catchy.  Beyond that, you know, what's really in a name?

In general, we don't run press releases, but we're happy to see them. If you'd like to send review copies (via PDF, weblink or print), or if you have other questions about the site, this link will send an email to Nick. If you'd like to reach one of our reviewers individually, you'll find their email addresses in with their bios below. For site admin and/or advertising questions, send email here.

Current Team Members

Nick Budd

One of the founding members of the review site Comic Pants, Nick Budd really happens to love comics, especially Punisher books for some strange reason that not even he knows.  It could be the senseless violence and the blood, but people are usually afraid to ask. If you have any questions about the 80's Transformers comic, he's the one to ask since that's what got him into comics. He lives in Austin, TX and when not at work at a local comic shop exerting his will that people take the character of Sleepwalker seriously, can occasionally be found in random coffee shops, sucking down espressos, reading or working on whatever project is occupying his mind at the time.

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