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Wednesday Number Ones 5/25/11

Wednesday Number Ones is a weekly feature here at Top 5 Comics. We take the books that are premiering a first issue from that week and give a quick opinion on them. From time to time we may also include more than issue number ones in this feature. If a noteworthy one-shot or the first issue of a new story arc is released, we may talk about it in this feature as well.

This week, we will cover:  Cobra Ongoing #1Ducktales #1 and Strange Adventures #1.

Cobra Ongoing #1
Writer: Mike Costa
Artist: Antonio Fuso
Company: IDW Publishing
The final racehorse in the trifecta of the G.I. Joe relaunch, and like the others it's a decent outing.  Not the best, as that title still goes to Snake Eyes, but Mike Costa has long since had my attention with his work on this title.  He makes the Cobra organization insanely entertaining to watch, and the infighting that is shown with this issue makes me love it even more.  The one upping and scheming and his clever take on the characters of Serpentor, Bludd and The Baroness chew up every scene that they are in.  Fuso's art, while a departure from the traditional G.I. Joe look, has been rocking the land of Cobra for quite some time and the fun hasn't stopped yet.  The angular lines remind me a little of Darwyn Cooke, which is never a bad thing.  While I was uncertain that relaunching the Joe Universe would be a good idea when I first heard about it, I think it will ultimately work in their favor.  Check 'em out, especially if you're a Joe fan.

Ducktales #1
Writer: Warren Spector
Miquel Pujol
Company: kaboom!
As a kid, Ducktales was the bees knees.  I remember watching them Saturday mornings and then later, every day after school.  It was one of those shows that had something for everyone, which was fairly fantastic.  Warren Spector, it seems, might have some love for the show as well.  The characters are very close to how I remember them.  I hear Scrooge McDuck and his distinct accent when I read his dialogue, and the same is with everyone else.  That said the story here, which focuses on Scrooge opening a museum that focuses on priceless artifacts that he may or may not have "swindled" out of people over the years, is not a barn burner.  Still, Spector throws in some great moments, especially one that sees Webbigail as a DM in a very D&D like game.  Pujol's art is solid.  It captures the character's looks and he has a very easy to read pacing and feel that I think anyone could enjoy.  In the end, it's a solid comic.  One that I'd put on the same level as Boom!'s other kids books.  
Strange Adventures #1
Writer: Various
Artist: Various
Company: Vertigo
From cover to cover, Strange Adventures is a gorgeous and memorable affair.  And don't mind that $7.99 price tag, though I do understand that that's not nothing.  You get a lot of bang for your buck with this Sci-Fi mashup from some top notch artists and writers.  People like: Jeff Lemire, Brian Azzarello, Ross Campbell, Paul Cornell, Goran Sudzuka, Eduardo Risso and more.  The stories all have a Twilight Zone meets Outer Limits type feel to them, crazy and harsh and surreal.  The majority also have an almost depressing vibe to them, but its not as off putting as it sounds and makes for a series of memorable, if slightly disturbing, stories.  I think it works with the subject matter.  The standouts for me here are a story about a rogue tattoo artist, impeccably illustrated by Denys Cowan, and the opening tale of Azzarello & Risso's new Vertigo title Spaceman.  That one certainly fits the bill of Strange Adventures, but the craziness of the almost Blade Runner-ish story about a genetically engineered man should satisfy fans of the duos previous work.  A fantastic first issue.   

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  1. Thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed the issue! And glad you liked what Denys and I did with "Case 21."

    Selwyn Seyfu Hinds