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The Rundown: Previews July 2012

Every month, Previews is published. The book usually solicits material that will appear either two or three months from the time the book hits shelves. This is by no means a complete listing of what's found in it, as every issue of every comic that's coming out is put into its pages, this is merely a list of titles that caught my eye or made my buy pile. Please tell me the books that you are looking forward to, as my brain is often feeble and there's no way that I can cover all of them. Anyways, enough of this blabber...Onto the List.


Ghost #0 - We haven't seen this Ghost in quite some time. Not since '98, I think. It's weird that they'd pick now to resurrect her, but the big news is that Phil Noto will be providing the interiors for it. His painted, ethereal style seems in tune with the concept, but the question mark is more Kelly Sue DeConnick's involvement. She's written a lot of one shots and a graphic novel (Marvel's Castle tie-in), but she's been hit or miss. It'll be interesting to see what she brings to the table with an ongoing. (pg. 36)

Angel & Faith Volume 2: Daddy Issues - Best Buffy related comic that's ever graced the shelves. Gage always finds a unique voice for his stories and the insanely talented artists that are involved with this strange story that sees Drusilla fleshed out only makes it better. Isaacs and Samnee on the same book..It's like getting both CAKE and PIE! (pg. 55)


Talon #0 - Great concept for this one. Snyder has built the Court of Owls so well and the idea of a man who escaped their service begs to be read. Thrown in some art by one of my favorites, Guillem March and you have a comic that I have to read. (pg. 82)

Team 7 #0 - I was a little skeptical about this one, as Chuck Dixon's version of Team 7 was so damn good, but when I found out who was writing it, well, I let out a little sigh. Justin Jordan was the man behind the wonderfully bloody book The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, which makes me utterly curious to see what he can do with a comic book that will be so entwined with the New 52's history. Toss in some art by Jesus Merino and a great team that takes from both Wildstorm and the DCNu and this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. (pg. 85)

DC #0's - Instead of covering each and every single one of these, as that seems slightly redundant, I just wanted to throw out the notion behind all of them: Origins. Getting backstory and character history for each series is such a great idea. I also love the iconic covers that focus on each character. There are also a few instances where different creators are going to be involved with the books, people like Judd Winick handling Green Arrow and Scott Kolins on Legion of Super-Heroes to name but a few. (pg. 86-124)

DC Comics: The Sequential Art of Amanda Conner HC - Collecting the odd bits and stories that Amanda Conner has done for DC over the years. I love Conner's artwork about as much as I love sandwiches, and I do love a good sandwich, so this is a must have for me. Her art simply makes me smile. (pg. 130)

Huntress: Crossbow at The Crossroads - This was a damn fine mini-series featuring slick lines by Marcus To and a story that seemed to really get and sell who Huntress is. Plus, that it fits in with his World's Finest title only makes it even better. (pg. 132)


Spaceman Deluxe Edition HC - While I've loved the book in single issue format, this deluxe format where you can sit down and read this Sci-Fi / Kidnapping Thriller, is probably the way to go. It'll no doubt read smoother and the oversize nature of it will make Risso's already gorgeous artwork even more luscious and stunning. (pg. 144)

Unwritten Vol 6: Tommy Taylor and the War of Words TP - Unwritten trades are a must buy for me. Carey and Gross' stories are another example of books that read great in single issue format but read better in trade. Since I've fallen behind however, I'm chomping at the bit for this one! (pg. 146)


Doctor Who #1 - Andy Diggle and Mark Buckingham working on an ongoing Doctor Who title? That sounds awesome. Andy Diggle's panache for action and Buckingham's ability to render some smooth and fun antics will help keep this one chugging along. Plus, if you're into variants or really snazzy things (like bow-ties), then there's a variant floating about where you can build your own Papercraft Tardis. (pg. 157)

G.I. Joe: The Complete Collection Vol 1 - Man, my wallet will undoubtedly be screaming at me, but my inner child and my format madman wants these editions. Hardcover collections of the classic G.I. Joe, with file cards and other loot? Must keep head from exploding. Really though, IDW knows a thing or two about collecting things with high production values and scream, "BUY ME, NICK! BUY ME!" Who am I to question such things? (pg. 166)


Happy #1 - More psychedelic comics by Grant Morrison...Hooray! In this new series he and Darrick Robertson (who's work on this things looks tip top) tackle Hit-Men, Killer Santas, Murder, and a tiny blue Horse called Happy. I really have no idea what to expect from this other than insanity, but you know what, insanity is okay. (pg. 186)

Thief of Thieves Vol 1 TP - Crime has never looked better. Really, if you dig Criminal, Thief of Thieves is an obvious avenue of dastardly Criminal-like antics. Martinbrough makes it look dingy and grimy with an undertone of badass while Kirkman and Spencer walk you through the life of Conrad Paulson, the world's best thief who's looking to get out of the business. It's a damn fine book. I know I'm snagging a copy of this. (pg. 204)


Thanos Quest #1 - A one shot that collects the out of print (unless you picked up a certain Silver Surfer collection) series that starts the Mad Titan's run at collecting the various Infinity Gems. A great story by Starlin and some of the best work of Ron Lim's career. Plus, with all of the Thanos hub-bub, reprinting this as a solitary collection makes sense. (marvel previews pg. 13)

Avengers vs X-Men HC - This one comes from the weird side of the street. I mean, a HC of Avengers vs X-Men makes sense. It's Marvel's big event and getting it out on the shelf is what they'd want to do. This however is a 75.00 oversized HC that collects Avengers vs X-Men #1-12, AVX: VS #1-6, and a bunch of other smaller issues. I'm loving the series, but I'm not sure if what could be considered an Omnibus is the thing you want to publish right out of the gate. Hurm. (marvel previews pg. 65)

Winter Soldier Vol 1: The Longest Winter TPB - Great story. Great art. Brubaker takes the spy genre to that next level while at the same time utilizing the Marvel Universe in weird and fun ways. Plus, the relationship that he's built up between Bucky and Black Widow is one of my favorite comic book couples. (marvel previews pg 79)


Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Volume 1 Leather-Bound HC - A limited time, act now or forever hold your peace, collection of stories in the Mouse Guard universe by a huge array of writers and artists overseen by David Petersen. The leather-bound addition adds some swanky appeal. (pg. 241)

Steed & Mrs. Peel #1 - While I had a lot of fun with the much agreed, colossal mistake of a movie, when Boom! recently reprinted Grant Morrison's run on this title, I figured we'd be seeing it again in one form or another. Having Mark Waid team with writer Caleb Monroe and with art by Steve (Athena Voltaire) Bryant, this property is making a comeback. (pg. 263)

The Tolkien Years of the Brothers Hildebrandt TP - I remember the Brothers Hildebrandt from their foray into the collectible trading card series...I think it was the Marvel Masterpiece one, but I always thought they were responsible for some of the better ones. This art book, devoted to all things Lord of the Rings, looks like a great behind the scenes look at the creation of some beautiful and memorable works. (pg. 284)

The Tower Chronicles Volume 1: Geisthawk - The first in a collection of Prestige format books, there are two items that caught my eye. Those two things are Matt Wagner and Simon Bisley. I had been wondering what Wagner was up to after he completed his run of Madame Xanadu. This book, which looks at a supernatural bounty hunter, seems to be the answer. It's a concept that seems to be perfect for Bisley's artistic talents too. (pg. 312)

Stumptown: The Case of the Baby in the Velvet - Hopefully, this follow up series to the Stumptown book will keep to a more reliable schedule. Will it? Who knows, but Greg Rucka and Matthew Southworth will no doubt bring their typical excellence to the page. I'm expecting that they will. (pg. 320)

Inferno: A Sleep and a Forgetting - Well, I've already mentioned the wonders of Mike Carey. He knows his way around the written word, both in comic book and novel form. This outing seems to be a stand alone trade that centers on a man who finds himself trapped in Hell and wants out. It's an interesting concept and it will be illustrated by Michael Gaydos, who I know for a lot of things, but mainly his work on Alias. This could be one of those sleeper hits. (pg. 335)


Tetris Silicone Ice Tray - Silly, sure, but who doesn't want to have an cup filled to the brim with Tetris Shapes? People who don't like fun, that's who. (pg. 452)

Star Wars Hats - I've been looking for a cool hat to wear, and what's cooler than wearing a Wampa head on your melon? There actually five different styles, each one actually manages to look cool. The Yoda one is a bit on the meh side, but the Leia Buns hat and the Wicket hat, worn by the right person, could really make them work. For the DEDICATED Star Wars fan. (pg. 466)

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