Thursday, August 18, 2011

WE3 Deluxe Edition HC

Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Frank Quitely
Company: Vertigo

It had been awhile since I had delved into the emotional and slightly unnerving depths of WE3, but it was almost a forgone conclusion when they solicited this deluxe hardcover version that I had to purchase it.  Not only is Grant Morrison one of my favorite writers, the story is damn good, and Quitely's art...Well, Quitely's art is sensational, startling, and a downright blood bath of entertainment.  For those who already have a copy of the book adorning their shelves, I will say that this collection is worth venturing out and picking up.  Not only is it in the oversize format, but the additional material that's packaged inside, everything from breakdowns to insight into the many crucial scenes of the book, is impressive.  Being able to hear
the creators talk about where they were in their lives to how they specifically decided upon a certain angle or direction of a scene adds to the overall enjoyment level of the book.

Now, if you happen to not have this book on your shelf and find the cover a little strange.  Well, you either hate puppies, kitties, and bunnies, or maybe, just maybe, it's possible that you haven't gotten around to reading it.  Now's the time people.  I know Morrison's name sometimes sprouts fear into the hearts of men, but WE3 may in fact be Morrison's easiest book to jump into.  Sure, there's meta stuff, like you would expect.  There's stuff here that makes you think about the world and the impact that certain things have on it, but on the surface it's about animals that have been turned into weapons of mass destruction. Hence the bloodbath comment earlier.

The script itself is so good, but it's also simple.  The animals, speaking in rudimentary sentences, inspire a lot of character and charm fairly quickly.  They are the stars and watching them grow as they break out of captivity and try to reintegrate into traditional society is beyond interesting.  To put it bluntly, this is Homeward Bound (yes, the Disney film) seen through the eyes of Morrison, armed to the teeth with bombs, Gatling guns, and razor sharp knives.

The visuals in WE3 are fairly stunning.  Each character gets a time in the lime light, a moment to be cool, and Quitely doesn't skimp on any portion of the proceedings.  The visuals of the characters themselves are great in their bulky robotic suits, with wires and other instrumentation jutting out from seams and the like.  Quitely makes them exude cool and captures such a range of emotions in their faces.  Half the time, these looks are what really gets the point of each scene across.  In conjunction with that, there is the action, which is a whole other cup of tea.  It's visceral and in your face, done in such a meticulous way that the world of WE3 is so fleshed out while getting adrenaline fueled violence.  You can tell the amount of effort and craftsmanship went into each panel and it is amazing.

Really, WE3 is such a strong outing for both Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely.  It is a champion, a blazing icon of awesome that anyone and everyone should read.  This Deluxe Edition is a thing of beauty too, one that is packed to the gills with great extras.  Seek it out and pick it up.  You will not be disappointed.

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  1. WE3 is indeed a masterwork and deserving of a deluxe edition. Actually, it deserves a giant-sized Absolute Edition, as was first announced.

    I read the series in floppies back when it was first released and was immensely impressed.
    Read it a couple of months ago and it again blew me away. Can't wait to get my Deluxe Edition copy. :)